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Monarch Direct Drive

Vivid LP12 Upgrade


It turned out that the VOID had a faulty motor. So looked out for my old favourite, a top Linn turntable and SME arm. But the turntable that I was talked into purchasing was, to say the least, a total disappointment. Indeed, after travelling back and forth to Mansfield to try and resolve my disappointment, I gave up! But by chance, my CD top consultant (Brent at FIDELITY AUDIO) recommended INSPIRE HiFi...and this has proved to be my salvation!


Robert Isherwood at INSPIRE suggested the following turntable configuration...and willingly agreed to demonstrate the system at my home some 150 miles from his offices! (He subsequently took the offending ‘Look-alike’ Linn in PX and broke it up into components for resale)


Monarch MK2.1 Direct Drive Turntable with Inspire X200MK2 12 inch Tonearm

Ortofon MC A95 Cartridge

Ortofon ST-80 SE Step Up Transformer

Unison Research Phono One phono stage


Robert arrived and installed the components and, after the normal ‘tweaking sessions’ with cabling and connections, the results have proved to deliver a vinyl sound reproduction that defies belief!


So I can unreservedly totally recommend the above to anyone who wants to be BLOWN AWAY (please excuse the modern vernacular) by a vinyl based system that shames any CD played in existence..!!


David Ingham

Just wanted to say thanks for today and my upgraded LP12 is on a totally new level, stratospheric in every way and as all the upgrades bed in it can only get better, OMG wasn't expecting it to be so amazing, same Linn signature but on steroids, more space around instruments broader soundstage, better bass definition and speed, greater detail retrieval - I could go on! and my old tone arm on the quest for my daughter is a truly great product, value for money +++++


Peter Hodgkinson


Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know what my first impressions of the Elevation are.

Let's start with the unboxing; the act of removing the separate components was an event in itself (I had cleared floor space and was able to place everything in neat little piles), as each component was removed from its box, I would smile with childhood glee and my inner voice would say things like "Yes", "Whooohoo" and  "nice" along with other similar sentiments that I can't remember at this point.

The Elevation is without doubt a sensational turntable, its combination of form and function, at least to my aesthetic taste, is near perfect. The simplicity of the lines, both when viewed top-down as well as in profile underlies the understated quality of the turntable.


As for the sound, (based on roughly six hours of play and the limitations of a modest Rega amp and B&W bookshelves) its unbelievable the difference in detail between my old, beloved SystemDek/SME/Ortofon combination and the Elevation/Rega/Audio Technica set-up. It has been a privilege to listen to some of my most cherished vinyl in a completely new way, (my ears have had to readjust to new bench mark in sound reproduction) it's like I've been listening to music until now with fingers stuck in my ears.



Carl  (A very happy customer)

Vivid LP12 Upgrade

Hi Robert,


All I can say is wow. You have turned something that was rather an ordinary, battered but well cherished and used Linn LP12 into something extraordinary .


Not only is the sound truly amazing but beautiful to look at. I am so glad I was taught to look after my record collection correctly as I am so going to enjoy listening to them all again. It is currently playing in my conservatory at the moment , George Howard's " a nice place to be " . Very apt .


The dynamics and sound stage are on another level to what I have been listening to. Deep lows, sweet highs with the midrange giving bags of definition. You truly don't hear the system at all now, only great music. thank you very mush for taking the time to get it right . Great customer service that I would recommend to anyone Linn or not.


Kindest Regard, Julian


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